About us

Zanjan Research and Technology Fund, is motivated to create a suitable environment for scientists and technology owners by providing technical and specialized services and using all its capacities and utilizing it, while providing a secure environment for investors to achieve their goals with ease.

We are ready to provide the most optimal means for new companies to enter the market and assist them to their scientific prosperity and research productivity.

We are honored to take a small step towards a resilient economy and the prosperity of our beloved country.

A leading reliable financial institution for shareholders and owners of ideas and businesses with active participation in the economic development of the country by making long-term investments and facilitating the process of commercialization of knowledge-based and startup projects.
  • founding a solid platform for private sector participation and investment in order to promote a culture of supporting pristine ideas
  • Supporting unique ideas simplifying the process of turning ideas into added-value Dictating a common culture and expanding collaborations between banks and technology units
  • Accepting risk tolerance and commitment to investing in start-up units in the direction of industrialization and semi-industrialization of new and practical ideas
  • Establishing an effective connection between the university and industry as a technology transfer office
  • Playing the role of the central link between knowledge-based companies to expand B2B interactions in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the province
  • Assistance and donations from benefactors and other legal sources
  • Funds granted from the INIF and the vice-Presidency for Science and Technology
  • Shareholders Investments


Dr. Jamal Davoodi



Mahmood Zarabi

Substitute board member


Ali Hejazian

Substitute board member


Dr. Davod Moradkhan

Member of the Board


Dr. Alireza Shoghli

Vice Chairman of the Board

یگانه فرد

Ali Yeganeh Fard

Chairman of the Board


Amirhossein Salamat

Business Appeaser 

Arash Bazargan

Financial manager

رستمی زاده

Dr. Kobra Rostamizadeh