Frequently Asked Questions

?What is a venture capitalist ecosystem

The venture capitalist ecosystem works to fill the financial gap of start-ups whose ideas have the potential to commercialize. Venture capital is focused on investing in young, fast-growing private companies.

?What kind of investors are venture capitalists

Venture capitalists are professional investors who specialize in funding and creating innovative and young companies. Venture capitalists are long-term investors who have a practical approach to all their investments and work actively with entrepreneurial management teams to build large companies.

?What is a venture capital fund

An investment fund that manages the money of applicant investors in start-ups, small and medium-sized companies with strong growth potential. These investments are generally identified as high-risk / high-yield opportunities.

?Why do small businesses seek financing

Small businesses borrow because of four main reasons: starting a business, buying inventory, expanding business, and strengthening a company’s financial base. Companies choose different financing methods depending on the intended purpose. Small business financing options are usually divided into two categories: debt and equity. Other unconventional resources can also play a key role in meeting a company’s financial needs.

?What kind of position does the venture capitalist have

After investing, the venture capitalist should be seen as a partner. In terms of the above management position, this may be in the form of a seat on the company’s board of directors or by assisting management decisions.

?How can I introduce my company to you

All you have to do is register on the site and fill out the forms that are relevant to your business for us and upload them to your profile.

?What are your criteria when evaluating a potential investment

Our scrutiny is based on the four pillars of customers: potential, product and program. They have also created a unique program to create value for themselves.